Assignment 1 Project 1 Stage 3 Exercise 2

This was the same as exercise 1 only using actual objects instead of 2-dimensional images.

My first experiment was with an avocado – interesting texture but quite hard to reproduce!  I tried block printing using acrylic paint applied to polystyrene as I thought the polystyrene had produced a similar surface texture when I used it for block printing in Stage 2 Exercise 4.

I also did a charcoal rubbing on polystyrene, this wasn’t as successful as the block printing as the tiny circular shapes were lost in the rubbing.

I also used a sponge and this was fairly succesful but not as good as the polystyrene print.


This next one took a lot of thinking about!  Firstly I looked at the underneath of a piece of kitchen paper and decided that the little dots on it were quite a good match so I cut out sections from that.

Next I used the wrong end of a paint brush and dipped this in gesso and dotted it on paper.  This was most successful in terms of replicating the raised surface texture.

My third idea was to use candle wax to apply dots to paper and then brush over a very dilute wash of ink.  This reproduced the dots but not the raised effect so was not as good as the gesso.


This study uses a decorative china container which has raised gold patterns and pearls on the lid.

I experimented with charcoal again and was more successful with the use of the putty rubber in lifting away areas of charcoal to show the lighter paper underneath.  I smudged the charcoal to show the smooth areas and used a sharp edge to produce the gold lines.

I also did a paper collage selecting shades of blue/green papers (one of which has wonderfully irridescent fish which I feel match the look of the lid).  I applied gold acrylic paint thickly to reproduce raised lines and then used some pearl irridescent acrylic paint and blobbed this on straight from the tube to make the pearls.

Both of these studies worked well I feel.  I was pleased with the charcoal one after my previous unsuccessful attempt and think I am improving in my use of this medium.  I also think the paper collage works well and has depth to it because of the 3-dimensional use of paints and the range of coloured papers.



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