Assignment 1 Project 2 Stage 3

The requirement for this stage is to select a drawing or part of a drawing with a variety of lines (thick, thin, continuous, broken etc), select fabric and threads to match the drawing and then stitch a sample based on the drawing.  The sample is supposed to capture the essence of the drawing rather than be an exact copy.

I chose to work with the paper/acrylic/pen drawing I had produced based on a copper button in my sketchbook.  I selected a range of materials and threads that fit the colour scheme as per the picture below.  The copper drawing does have greenish undertones with the orange and I wanted to pick this up in the materials chosen.


I discarded most of the fabrics as some simply were the wrong weave and didn’t give a smooth surface.  In the end I kept the plan simple and used a green silk dupion under layer and topped this with a single layer of orange silk chiffon.


I loosely stitched the chiffon to the dupion around the each, leaving it rucked up in the centre to recreate the ridges in the copper.  Then I stitched into it using mixed fancy threads in chain stitch and running stitch.  I kept the stitching quite simple so as not to overwhelm the piece.


Here is the sample next to the painting of the copper button and the paper/acrylic/pen painting. I am very pleased with this sample.  I think the choice of background fabric worked well, with enough of the green showing through the chiffon to provide that hint of colour although I could have improved this by having two layers of chiffon in some areas to give more contrast to the background with some areas a denser orange.  Keeping the stitching simple worked well; it would have been very easy to overwork this piece.



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