Assignment 1 Reflection and review against assessment criteria

To wrap up Assignment 1 I need to provide a short reflective commentary on the projects and also a review against the assessment criteria for the course.


Even though I have been working on Assignment 1 for a relatively short length of time I feel that I have achieved a lot and I have had to revisit my learning log to recall all the different exercises.

I set out to do a minimum of 20 hours a week coursework and in reality have managed almost double that.  When I have given myself deliberate breaks I have found myself being drawn back to the current exercise or to work in my sketchbook.

I am pleased with the development of my sketchbook as this is such a new activity for me.  Some of my sketches I think are very good, some are very mediocre but the more I do the more I feel a sense of freedom;  being less self-conscious about sketching (even when on my own I started off feeling self-conscious about sketching).  I might not yet be in the habit of taking a sketchbook everywhere with me but I do take my camera and enjoy finding interesting shapes and textures in everyday places.  I need to think about my sketches more in terms of annotating them for points of interest and how they could be developed. I also will benefit from using other mediums in my sketches, for example collage as this will give me more practice in other techniques and may produce a less constrained way of working.

The initial mark making exercises were interesting to do and I managed to use a wide range of media.  As noted in my review of this stage my work was fairly neat with thin lines so I could be more inventive with broader strokes and not be so wary of making a mess.

I enjoyed Project 2 more with the introduction of stitching and creating samples based on the earlier drawings and studies as these exercises really helped me to see the benefit of the early mark making tasks and how Projects 1 and 2 were laying foundations for future work.

Review against assessment criteria

Demonstration of Technical and Visual Skills: materials, techniques, observational skills, visual awareness, design and compositional skills

My demonstration of technical skills varies depending on the medium used.  There are some mediums that I am less experienced with, for example charcoals, and this is a skill that will grow with more practice.  Other mediums such as the use of watercolour pencils in my sketchbook I feel were more successful and I am pleased with my results.  I enjoyed using paper collage as a relatively new technique to me and again hope my skill in this area will grow.  Similarly it is very early for the demonstration of other visual skills such as observation, design and composition.  I feel that I have a reasonable grasp of these for the stage I am at but again these will improve over time with constant application.

Quality of Outcome: content, application of knowledge, presentation of work in a coherent manner, discernment, conceptualisation of thoughts,communication of ideas

I have made an effort to structure my work and learning log in an orderly and well labelled manner that provides a clear presentation of my work along with appropriate commentary on what I have been doing and reasons for the choices made.  I have applied the knowledge learned at each stage and tried to incorporate earlier learning experiences into later exercises.

Demonstration of Creativity: imagination, experimentation, invention, development of a personal voice

I am not sure that I am developing a personal voice at this early stage; I am still trying out so many varied techniques that I do not have a style of my own.  I think that at this stage this is a good thing as I am still open to experimenting and am not attached to specific ways of working.

I hope that I am showing imagination in the combinations of mediums, fabrics and yarns I am using and by not rigidly sticking to any one medium.

Context: refiection, research, critical thinking (learning log)

I have tried to include reflection in my learning log as I have gone along, commenting on which techniques have worked well and on areas that I feel could have been done better or could be developed in other ways.

My research activities have been varied, from the initial Working with a Camera activity through to a book review, Blackwork embroidery and looking at the work of other artists.  Looking at the work of Maggie Grey also led me to try one of her techniques and it was good to put her work into practice rather than stick to a written review.

I have not yet done the Research Point for this assignment.  I am visiting Queen Sirikit’s Museum of Textiles in Bangkok in April and will do this research point then.


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