Assignment 2 Project 3 review

Here are my responses to the review questions for project 3.

Were you able to mix and match colours accurately?

Yes, I was surprised with my own results for these exercises and found that, after I had done lots of practice sheets adding white and black to colours and then mixing different colours, I was able to refer to these practice sheets to pick a starting point for the colour I wanted to match.

Were you able to use colour expressively?

I felt that the exercises given were a bit limiting in picking opposite words or maybe I interpreted them wrongly.  I really felt this was a repeat of some of the mark making exercises in Project 1 and that they did not increase my experience of using colour expressively.  I hope that this will change as I progress through the course.

Can you now see colour rather than accepting what you think you see?

I am certainly looking at items more closely now and trying to pick out individual colours rather than make a snap judgement that, for example, all grass is green!

Did you prefer working with watercolours or gouache paints? What was the difference?

Both types of paint are new to me and I found that I preferred gouache paints more.  I liked the richness and opacity of the colours, yet with the ability to really thin them down if desired. It was also easy to add small amounts to do the colour mixing.  With watercolours I found the existing thinness difficult to work with and there was a greater difference when they dried so I didn’t get the colours that I wanted unless I added extra layers.

How successful were the colour exercises in stage 5?  How did they compare to the painting exercises?

I was happy with the stitching samples that I produced for the colour exercises in stages 5 and 6.  It is quite different working with threads as they are fixed colours so take more thought to blend from one colour to another and create variations in shading.

Is there anything you would like to change or develop?

The area that I feel I performed least well on was the expressive use of colour so this is an area I am aiming to develop over the rest of the course.  I feel that as I progress through the work I am improving in the use of my sketchbook and there have been a couple of occasions when I have been led to draw in my sketchbook by what I have seen rather than having to make myself sit and think about something to draw.  I hope this continues to grow so that use of my sketchbook becomes more natural and an ingrained habit rather than conscious effort.


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