Assignment 2 Project 5

There is an in-between stage at the end of Project 4 but before Project 5 which is Experiments with Printing and Painting.

The brief is to sample a number of different printmaking techniques to get basic experience with the different methods and the effects they produce.

Relief printing

I made a couple of relief printing blocks by cutting up a shaped dog toy and sticking the shapes onto board.  One I made into a rose shape and the other was 2 complete shapes joined together.  I printed these with a mix of red and yellow  fabric paints onto t-shirt fabric and cotton, mixing the paints to get a variegated effect.


I also made a relief block by cutting out a polystyrene tray following the shape of a photo of a shadow that I distorted in Paint Shop Pro.  The resulting print was uneven but effective against a background that I prepared by airbrushing through a stencil I made using a hot glue gun.


Shiva paintstiks with masks

I tore a piece of cardboard roughly along the edge and used it as a mask. Different effects were produced by applying the paintstiks directly onto the fabric at the edge of the mask and then either leaving the mark as it is or, as in the left hand version on white, using a toothbrush to sweep the paint onto the fabric.  I also used a straight edge and applied the paint onto the mask itself, using a the toothbrush only to transfer paint onto the fabric (right hand sample, top left).  this produced a much softer effect.  The vibrancy of the paintstiks is much more pronounced on the black background.


For this Shiva sample I cut a couple of circles from paper and used them as a stencil and for the other shapes I applied pieces of paper as masks in random designs.  The background was created by airbrushing through a stencil I made using a hot glue gun technique.


Airbrushing through leaves

I picked a spray of leaves from the garden and placed this onto white fabric then used an airbrush to spray a light covering.  As I did not secure the leaves to the fabric the flow of the air caused them to lift and move position which has actually produced quite a light, ethereal effect.  If I want more defined edges I will have to use spray mount to hold the leaves in position.


Purchased stencil with Decolourant Plus

I have some Decolourant Plus so I used this through a purchased stencil on black t-shirt fabric.


Hot Glue Gun stencils

The background fabric was airbrushed through a hot glue gun stencil I made.  I also made some hot glue gun tree shapes, roughly coated these with black paint and used them as stamps. I like the uneveness of the design here, the ragged tree silhouettes stand out well against the background.


I was happy with the variety of experiments that I did, using a range of different mediums and creating my own backgrounds for some pieces.


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