Assignment 2 Project 5 review

This is my review of the work I have done in Project 5 on painting and printing.

I did think I made a good choice of images from my drawings as source material as I had a variety of colours, scale and variation between geometric and flowing lines.  The most successful interpretations were from the leaf design and the bench/stool legs.  The leaf designs worked well as they could be used as single or repeat patterns and made a good tiles pattern when manipulated in Paint Shop Pro.  The bench/stool leg design worked well because of the drama of the strong straight lines and stark colour contrasting against a coloured background.

The fabrics I used varied and included cotton, silk dupion, silk paj, linen, homespun and felt. The cotton provided a nice smooth surface for airbrushing to create a coloured background and also took paint very evenly.  I did like the surface texture and richness of the silk dupion as this instantly produces a texture and sheen.  Felt was a good choice for one of the final samples where I cut out the printed areas because of its non-fray qualities. I was happy with the choice of fabrics I made for each design.

I was very aware of the negative spaces and used these in my final leaf sample for the background colour, adding a positive image on top.  The negative areas were also very key in the bench/stool legs design and I could have strengthened these by using a different colour in each negative area.

With the three larger samples:

Leaf sample – I do like this design but it is quite ordinary in that a leaf shape is very common and quite an easy option in design terms.  I created a bit of variety with the use of both the negative and positive shapes and by three different methods of application – airbrushing, sponging and painting.  It does extend the small sample well.

Lino print leaf – This extends the smaller sample by repeating the lino to form the larger image.  Adding the diagonal prints works well as this makes the design more interesting.

Petal sample – As a single unit design I like the composition with the petals falling and gathering at the lower edge of the piece.  It takes the smaller petal sample and develops it into something very different.


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