Assignment 2 Reflection and review against assessment criteria

Working with colour has been really interesting and although some of the first exercises in simply mixing different colours together to see what effects were produced were a bit time consuming the groundwork they set was very valuable for the following exercises on matching paint colours to fabric, a picture and real objects.

I was pleased with the results that I got from the stitch exercises in project 3.  It was the first time I had done colour mixing with stitch in such a structured way.  I was particularly pleased with my French knots samples and translating a picture into knots and thought the frog eye came out well.  This taught me that to get a good result I needed to use lots of colours even if only for a stitch or two, as the variation added extra depth to the picture.

I struggled a bit with the using colours to express emotions, probably because I thought this was a bit obvious so it seemed silly to put a splash of red paint on paper and say it represents anger or that yellow represents happiness.  I am more interested in the opposites that are created by the same colours – for example red can be anger or love, yellow is happiness or cowardice.  Colour is only one part of the story and the image/context it is used it sets the emotional framework which is reinforced by the colour.

Project 4 was great in that it has given me a set of tools to use for developing images in different ways that may not initially be obvious.  I liked splitting the image into texture/shape/colour and found that I had lots of images in my sketchbook that were suitable for development which I was really pleased about.  it was fun to look at different ways of developing images, using the computer for some and working by eye for others.

The painting and printing was also enjoyable but seemed to take a very long time!  It was interesting to choose different fabrics for backgrounds and to create some myself with airbrushing and stencils.  I did think my fabric range was a little limited but as the nearest fabric store is 1350km away there wasn’t a lot I could do about that.  My lino cut did not have particularly clean negative areas which, when I did the first couple of prints, I thought was a problem.  Looking back on the prints a few hours later I decided I actually like the effect and decided not to clean up the lino but if I use this technique again I will have to be careful about my cutting and what result I want. I found it really interesting that it was a very simple, everyday scene of bench/stool legs that gave one of my favorite results and this was a really good learning point as it reinforces to me the value of my sketchbook work.

Assessment criteria

Demonstration of technical and visual skills.

I feel that my visual skills are improving particularly my sketchbook work and the ability to select images from my work for development.  I was also able to do the colour matching exercises well.  My technical skills were mixed; my screen printing was good with even application of paint but my lino cutting could have been improved.  Some of my sponged prints had seepage where the sponge I used was too wet.

Quality of outcome.

I fulfilled the brief for each project and produced a body of work that I am happy with.  I believe that I have applied my knowledge well and that I have good presentation skills.

Demonstration of creativity.

I think that I showed a level of creativity in the development of ideas and tried a lot of methods rather than sticking to one technique.  I developed my work between samples and experimented widely with the different printmaking techniques.


I update my learning log at each stage and try to include commentary in my entries regarding my thought processes and how pieces have turned out.  I have explored other activities during this assignment to broaden my experience with textiles, but have not done much research into other artist’s work so this is an area I am going to put more time into.


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