Mid-point reflection

I’m approximately half way through this unit at present and thought this was an appropriate point to take a bit of time to slow down, re-read my tutor feedback from the first two assignments and see if there are any actions I need/want to take.

The feedback from my tutor so far has been very positive and encouraging.  The one element that came through in the feedback from the first two assignments is the need to take risks, to experiment and push boundaries further than the set exercises.  I am working on this with the current assignment by not stopping after I have done “enough” samples to meet the course requirements but by seeing where the idea and inspiration takes me.

I also need to continue developing my sketchbook more, and follow through the ideas in isolating different aspects of an image and playing around with how those aspects can be expanded into new designs – for example by isolating shape, colour or texture.   I sometimes get a bit of a mental block when looking at an item in my sketchbook; either I cannot envision what to do with it or I get fixed on one idea only and can’t see anything else.  I think I am a bit too concerned with the thought that if I play around I might not produce something “good” and I need to free my mind from this notion and instead give myself permission to fail, permission to get messy and permission to just have fun and see where it leads.  It does not matter if I produce 12 (or 100) ideas that don’t go anywhere!

My tutor has recognised that I live in a remote area far from suppliers and has suggested that I dye some of my own materials.  I have made a start on this my experimenting with marbling fabrics and I have also dyed some fabric which is being used in Assignment 3.

Suggested viewing/reading is to look at the work of Josef Albers, Patrick Heron, Matisse and the Fauve movement so I need to have a look at some of these.

I am really enjoying this course; it is making me look at the world around me with fresh eyes and I now see more possibilities for design wherever I am.  I need to slow down slightly and make sure I go further than the course requirements and take the time to do more exploration of other artist’s work.


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