Review of artists – Marit Fujiwara

Stage 4 of Assignment 3 is all about manipulating fabrics, creating raised and structured surface textures.  While looking into different techniques and results I came across the work of Marit Fujiwara.  I was immediately attracted by three aspects of her work – firstly the amazing fabric manipulation that creates organic folds and textures; secondly that she creates wearable art which is an art form I am very interested in; and thirdly that she uses marbled fabric and I have recently had my first forays into this and intend to more experiments.

Unfortunately the information available through the internet isn’t very up to date so she may not be active any more.  Her website at says “coming July 2012” and the blog for her company Tanana Takite had it’s last entry in 2011.  Other sources also dry up around the same time.

Conflicting sources suggest that Marit Fujiwara was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  or in Norway from a mixed heritage of Norwegian, Brazilian and Japanese cultures.  After moving to London she graduated in Textile Design from the Chelsea College of Art and Design.

This dress below is called Cake 2. Some areas are left fairly flat to show the design on the fabric and others are pleated and folded to create wonderful structure.


The dress below, and it’s detail, is Vestido Cinza which translates to Grey Dress.  This dress appeals to me because of the shaping of the pleats – they are like tree bark, or a bed of lava.  The fabric is open in some areas to show the design and in other areas it is more closed.  This gives a range of different effects and depth of colour.

7351301314_900617641d_c 7167661051_61a1657b79_n

Marit set up a company called Tanana Takite in 2009 and they produced some accessories as well as clothing, such as these bags:


The bags and dress are great examples of how the same basic technique can be used to create both wearable art and useable items.

I found one quote from Marit herself (

“To create a sculptural fabric, I am experimenting with the printing technique of marbling,in combination with embroidery,bonding and pleating. Applying these fabrics into fashion creates unusual and intricate fashion garments.”

It is somewhat frustrating to only find such limited information about an artist.  The websites and blogs I have found repeat the same images and expressions of delight without including any more detail about materials used or techniques.  On the other hand this is good because it means that any experimenting I do will be my own! The image below seems to be of marbled fabric before it is manipulated.


This next image is the design drawing stage.


In addition to the fabrics, there are a few pieces labelled “sample” on the flickr page that show lots of strands of thread laid side by side and then manipulated.  Here are a couple of these:



All images are from Marit Fujiwara’s flickr site


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