Reflection on tutor feedback after Assignment 3

I am very pleased with the feedback I have received from my tutor; it is very positive and also provides some really helpful pointers for areas in which I need to build up my strengths.

In general terms I need to remind myself to continue to extend outside the set coursework and to be inspired by imagery and drawings rather than try to reproduce them.  I also need to look at how elements from a number of sources can be combined to create a new work rather than only working from a single image.

I have come up with a 3 point action plan based on specific pointers in the feedback:

1.  Colour studies – build on the work done so far on colour and do some dedicated sketchbook work on colour studies.  To facilitate this I have ordered the David Hornung book Colour: A workshop for Artists and Designers and will look at doing some of the exercises in that when it arrives.

2.  Mark making – free up my pencil mark making to be more spontaneous, energetic and not so careful and delicate.  I am going to go on a field trip with my sketchbook to capture what I see expressively and rapidly.  I am going to take charcoals as well as pencils and see if a change in medium affects my way of working.

3.  Theme book – reexamine the books I have and make studies and experiments under the headings of texture, colour, composition, form and materials.  I have extended the return deadline on my library books to be able to do this.


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