Assignment 4 Project 8 Review

A short review at the end of Project 8 to answer the questions in the course book.

Did you enjoy inventing constructed surfaces? Were you surprised at the results? Can you see a connection between your choice of materials and the types of structures you made – regular, irregular, small or large scale? Which samples worked best – and why?

As with all the course so far I have enjoyed this section.  I enjoyed experimenting with a variety of materials and combining different ones such as wood, wire and tea bag papers.  That sample did surprise me with the glow of the sunlight through the tea bag papers and the different effects given from the staining on the papers.  I don’t think I had a particular connection between the choice of materials and the type of structures; and many of them would work well on a larger scale although I would have to drink a lot of tea!  The three samples that worked best were the tea bag one because of the effect of the light and the contrast of materials; the cyclone one because of the extra dimension and the chicken wire/Tyvek one because of the colours, contrasting materials and surface texture.  I am planning to make a larger version of the chicken wire/Tyvek piece and to see if I can add tiny LED lights to it to make a lighted feature.




How accurate were you in matching all the colours in your postcard:

– with paints?
– with yarns/other material?

I feel that I was accurate with both paints and yarns for this exercise.  I enjoyed doing this as it really make me study a picture and sometimes the resulting colours can be surprising.


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