More sketchbook work

I’ve done a lot of work in my sketchbook over the last week, firstly with some more quick sketches and secondly doing colour work which I will cover in a separate log entry.

For the quick sketches, I was again trying to work on the feedback I had from my tutor and tried to capture items quickly and with bold lines.

My first studies are of seed pods I picked up in town, capturing some individual pods and a group.


I then did some quick sketches based on architecture in Perth.  This is the Swan Bell Tower which has sail like structures at the sides and is quite reminiscent of the shapes in the Sydney Opera House.


More swans next (the black swan is the animal emblem of Western Australia so features in a lot of sculpture). These sketches are from a swan fountain and swan sculptures in Burswood park, Perth.  I particularly like the way the multiple swans in the fountain are layered on top of each other and facing in different directions.  Even in two dimensions this has a lot of movement and would work well as a print.


As well as a lot of bronze sculptures Perth has some very modern art that has been quite controversial.  This next sketch is one of those, it is right in the centre of the main shopping/business district.


And a photo of the sculpture:



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