Assignment 4 Project 9 Review

As with previous assignments there are a number of questions for me to address.
Did you have enough variety in your collection of yarns and other materials? Which kind of yarns, etc., did you use most? How do their characteristics affect the look and feel of each sample?

As with just about every project so far, I found my selection adequate but that it can always be improved and expanded upon. I did manage to introduce a good variety of materials in my stage 3 sample, for example paper, braid, merino wool tops and assorted fabrics.  It was certainly easier to work with standard knitting yarn and this produced the most even look.  For a highly textured look or to change the surface texture the non-standard materials worked the best although they were more time consuming to prepare and work with.  It was harder to meld the unusual materials into a cohesive look.
How did you find weaving in comparison to the other techniques you’ve tried? Did you find it slow or too limiting?

Simple plain weave is very quick to work as I found from the scarves I wove.  But for tapestry weaving with the changes in design and regular changes in the weft thread in terms of colour and/or material used it was a much longer and slower process.  I did find that it took a lot of forward thinking and planning to use these materials and I did find them a bit limiting.  However, the limitations worked to my advantage in my final additional piece worked from magazine paper as I worked with the materials and limited the weaving stitches to just a few that would work best with the pages.
How do you feel about your finished sample? Are you happy with the relationship of the textures, proportions, colour and pattern to the finished size? Is there any part that you would want to change? If so, try to identify exactly how and why you
would change it.

I would describe my finished sample for stage 4 as adequate.  I was pleased with the textures and proportions but could have improved on the colour.  I would do this by omitting the yellow cellophane completely or layering other colours on top to tone it down.  I would also paint the warp threads to make them less intrusive.  I was much happier with the additional sample I made in the magazine pages as this incorporated some of the learning from the earlier samples.
Was there any stage in the whole design process that you felt went wrong? How would you tackle this process differently another time?

Yes, I overcomplicated my design for stage 4 and made some of the sections too small and fiddly for the bulkier materials I was using.  I needed to take into consideration that the areas woven from fabric and cellophane needed more space to be effective.  More sampling before starting a design would be advised.

Which did you enjoy more – working from the source material or putting colours together intuitively? Why?

I did enjoy working from the photo of the crystallised rock as it gave me a basis for decisions on colours and the choice of materials.  But on the other hand I also enjoyed the sea to sky magazine pages additional sample as although I divided the piece into 4 broad colour areas, I then selected each strip of page individually to achieve a varied effect.


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