Assignment 5 Project 10 Stage 3

In my last video on Project 10 stage 2 I explained how I was using the works of Marjorie Schick, the shape of the Swan Bell Tower and my theme book image of a scarab beetle as my inspiration for my final piece.

In that video I sketched a design idea, this was one of a number of designs that are in my theme book and were scribbled down on a coffee shop napkin



This was my preferred design as it had the structural qualities I was seeking and a dramatic silhouette.

To produce a life scale drawing, I did a rough sketch of the two main sections, cut these out and pinned them in place on my tailor’s dummy. A few adjustments, adding paper and recutting led to a shape and size I was pleased with.


The next stage was to cut out the scarab wings.  I used a print out I had done previously to get the shape and size of the wings.


The wing size was too small for the supporting panels so I enlarged it, and then decided that a mixture of the two sizes would look better than one size on its own.  I cut multiples of each size out of paper and played around with pinning them onto the base panels and curving them to show the 3d effect.


Finally I put the piece back on the dummy to see how it looked.


I will leave this design for a day or two now and then come back to it with a fresh look to see if I want to alter the positioning of the wings or add more to it.


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