Sketchbook work on a larger scale!

After seeing a video on works of Dale Chihuly, a glass blowing artist turned painting artist, I was inspired to have a go at my own large scale artworks using acrylics straight from the bottle.

I set up outside with some A2 size cartridge paper and followed Dale’s example by putting on some inspiring and dramatic music. I didn’t plan any of the work, just went with the flow to see what would happen.


For light entertainment, there is also a video of me producing the work!

The pieces are still drying as the paint was very thick in some places.  It was great to work in such an uninhibited way and having the dramatic music playing really helped me to work more freely.  The difference with the central two pieces worked with a paint brush as well was also interesting as the colours blended more with the movement of the brush.  I outlined a bit of the central bottom row piece with black and this would work on the top brushworked piece as well, perhaps I could work into this with charcoal once dry to see what effect that would give.


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