Assignment 5 Project 10 Stage 4 continued

I have continued working on different backgrounds for the supporting panels and wings.

As a reminder, here is the Paint Shop Pro altered image I am using as my inspiration for the patterning:


After the dyed and screen printed samples, my next one was to use acrylic paint and paint this freehand onto silk habotai. I discovered that I needed to use the paints without adding water as this made the colours bleed into each other.


My initial reaction to this was not to like it, I thought the colours were too bright and didn’t like the messy edges.  I decided to try adding Liquid Pearls in the same way that I outlined the colours in the screen printed samples.


What a difference the outlining makes!  It separates out the colours and makes them pop while emphasising the shapes.  I now really like this sample.

As a variation from the printed and painted backgrounds I made a sample in applique.  This turned out to be really fiddly to make.  I used Bondaweb on the back of the cut shapes but couldn’t get the paper to peel off without the edges of the fabric fraying badly, which defeated one of the reasons for using the Bondaweb.  So in the end I left the paper backing on and just pinned the pieces in place instead of securing them using the iron.


This sample is acceptable but lacks the punch and boldness of the printed and painted samples.


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