Assignment 5 Project 10 Stage 4

I have been experimenting with preparing background fabrics to use in my neckpiece.

There are two elements to the neckpiece, the supporting panels that sweep up behind the neck and the individual beetle wings that go onto the supporting panels.

In keeping with my findings on Ancient Egyptian Jewellery, I want to use sumptuous materials with a sheen.  I have therefore chosen to do my first samples using silk habotai fabric.  A major colour in the jewellery is turquoise so I dyed some samples based on this colour and with hints of other colours coming through.

For these samples, L to R I applied Procion dyes in their powdered form, sprinkling them first on wet silk and moving the dyes around with a flat card, and then just sprinkling the powder on more heavily and leaving it to sit without moving it.


I made a stencil using the shapes from the beetle wing image that I altered in Paint Shop Pro.  I used this to stencil fabric paints on to the silk samples, using primary colours to match those used in the old jewellery.


The colours show much more strongly against the lighter dyed background.  To emphasise the shapes and pick up on the heavy use of gold, I experimented with some different ways of outlining the shapes.

Below at the top are some shapes outlined in back stitch and running stitch. Below those to the left the shapes are outlined in liquid pearls and to the right Lumiere paints applied straight from the bottle.



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