Sketchbook update

I’ve been continuing with my sketching and watercolours course and produced some flower studies.



I did another flower study, of a Sturt’s Desert Pea that grows wild out the back of my house.  This has strong colours and a very defined eye.


I decided to play around with this image in Paint Shop Pro, so I cropped out the flower head area and then used Polar Distortion to see what effects I could get.

Day 27

I like the dramatic effects of the sweeping lines and colours in these so decided to get 3 printed larger. The height of these is 59cm.


My intention with these is to work on them using the “oiled, crumpled and stitched” method I experimented with earlier in A Creative Approach (reminder photo below).  I want to link all 3 images together to form one large image, but with each one slightly offset in height.  Stitching will extend out the edges so I need to select an appropriate background to mount them on.


Also from sketchbook work I have played with a couple of collages based on circles. This first one uses papers I created when playing with my Gelli plate.  I chose two papers where I had made an initial and then second print so I got the contrast in values.  I cut circles out of these and collaged them onto a backing paper that was created in the same colours with the waste from the brayer.  With this piece the appearance of the colours changes as the light and dark circles cross different parts of the background.  So the darker circles fade on the left and the lighter circles fade more on the right.  Both jump out well in the centre against the bright orange/red which really pops out of the background.


For my next collage with circles I picked a plain black background and cut circles out of one of the large paint splash pieces I created after seeing Chihuly’s work.  I selected a piece with strong lines to really contrast with the circular shapes used.  The one odd piece is actually the reverse of the paint splashed paper and I was playing with the idea of creating a focal point



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