More sketchbook work

I’ve reached the end of the Sketching and Watercolours Journal Style course that I have been doing online.  In the last couple of lessons I have had my first use of a Tombow pen and applying water to soften the lines and create shading.  This was used to produce this sketch of a boot:


I am pleased with the way I was able to show the shading on this boot and like using the Tombow pen.

This was followed by another shoe study:


The final session included a sketch of a wine bottle and I added a wine glass into the composition:


I used the Tombow pen for the wine glass and watercolours and a normal pen for the rest.

Reflecting on this online course, I have come up with a number of benefits I have gained:

  • as it was to produce Journal Style pages they have all been to a certain style with borders and text that I wouldn’t normally use.  This has, however, made me think more about composition and layout of pages and borders, and extending work beyond a line border;
  • I have become more confident in my use of watercolours and more relaxed in their use, with a slightly messier style rather than trying to be precise all the time;
  • I have been introduced to continuous line drawing and discovered that I really like this as a method of mark making;
  • I have translated a couple of my continuous line drawings into stitch which has given me practise in free motion embroidery and also opened up a new possibility in pictoral textiles;
  • I have tried a Tombow pen (other water soluble pens would work) and have found that this produces wonderful effects when combined with the continuous line drawing and then adding water to soften the lines and create shading;
  • my shading and highlighting is improving and I am applying greater contrast in values which will bring my work alive;
  • as well as converting some line drawings into stitch, I am also working on developing the Sturts Desert Pea images that I manipulated in Paint Shop Pro into stitched textiles.

All of these benefits will reflect in my textiles work and the general sketching and colour practice can only benefit my creative development in the longer term.


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