Reflection on feedback from assignment 5

My tutor feedback for the final assignment included some good pointers for future work.  The main point I picked up is that I may have a tendency to produce final pieces that are too neat and over planned, thus losing some of the spontaneity and energy of early, rough work.  This is indeed a hard balance to achieve as the coursework emphasizes the planning process so there is a fine line to be drawn between the right amount of planning to satisfy the assessors without so much planning that the energy is lost.

My tutor has suggested that if I continue my studies then it would be useful in future blogs to include how I challenge myself by responding to the work of other designers.  I did this in my current blog in a couple of places by producing samples based on the work of Maggie Grey, India Flint and my last assignment was heavily influenced by Marjorie Schick so more exploration in response to other designers will be a goal for future courses.

A suggestion for this current course is to revisit the research points and see if they can be added to.  I have done this with the research point for assignment 4 (originally published on 26 May 2015) as I came across an interesting magazine article last week that introduced some new ideas into the research point.  I will have another look at the other research points to see if they can be expanded.


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