This is the Learning Log for Christie as I undertake a BA (Hons) Degree in Textiles through the Open College of the Arts in the UK.

It will record my journey through the modules starting with Textiles 1: A Creative Approach in February 2015.

I live in the amazing Exmouth in Western Australia, an area classified as Very Remote Australia.  350km to the nearest town and 1350km from Perth.  Exmouth is on the edge of the Ningaloo marine park which is a World Heritage Area.  The wildlife is amazing, I regularly have to play dodge the emu when driving to the shops and, when coming back from a restaurant at night, it is dodge the kangaroo.

In the sea we have turtles – watching them crawl onto the beach and lay their eggs is fascinating. Dolphins, plentiful fish, manta rays, and humpback whales all frequent the warm waters and I have snorkelled alongside the majestic whalesharks.

We have pristine beaches, turquoise ocean and dry red sandy ranges.  Amazing sunrises and sunsets.



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